The eternal resumption


Where I come from, the cooking has its roots in the heart of wonderland, celebration returned to its original meaning of feast and tables richly laid out abound of meal to be savoured with no particular order but according to his inspiration or his appetite.
In these still-life’s worthy of the great painters, each meal is unique but takes part of the harmony by its colours, flavours, aromas…

From these blowouts without no code or coercion, other than enjoyment, was born “La table d’Evan” and its success is a proof that the demanding gastronome of today needs to rediscover the ancestral joy of feasting.

The only requirement of this combination: your choice based on weight or unit. Then the essential: a few drops of olive oil for cooking.

Finally, the revelation of the garnish. Sometimes, it just takes the genius of a piece of divinely dressed salad, few lentils sublimated or fried ceps unforgettable …

In my quest for the essential taste, I took care to serve you only perfect products worked properly. Dear friends-clients, every day, you allow me to achieve the most beautiful of my dreams and my senses are constantly on the watch to sprinkle the traditional cook of amazement pieces.

For this beautiful complicity, I want to say thank you by introducing you to a new way of being and eating. Evan